Psychiatric Services

Sherman Counseling is pleased to announce that we will be offering psychiatric services to compliment our psychotherapy services. We would like to welcome Tasha Farrar MD and Joelle Fellinger APNP to our staff.

They will be providing psychiatric diagnostic and medication management services, with an emphasis on collaborating with psychotherapists and primary care providers. Additionally, Dr. Farrar will offer specialized services in Reproductive Psychiatry.

Dr. Farrar and Ms. Fellinger will be accepting new patients and welcome referrals from therapists and Primary Care Providers of patients 18 years of age or older. Ms. Fellinger will be working out of our Appleton office and Dr. Farrar will be working out of the southern Green Bay office for the short term then will return to practicing in Appleton in 2018.

Psychiatry Referral

If you are a client interested in a referral to psychiatry, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to see one of our therapists first. Research supports the benefits of mental health therapy as a first line of treatment. If your therapist agrees it would be beneficial for you to see a psychiatric provider for medication management, he or she can refer you directly to one of the providers.

We also accept referrals from Primary Care Providers (PCP). If you are referring a client from a PCP office, please refer to the exclusion criteria before referring then complete the referral form.

Psychiatry Services-Exclusion Criteria

Primary Care Provider Referral

New Patients

Please download the forms below and bring the completed forms to your first appointment. Bring a list of all your medications, doses, and who prescribes them or all your prescription bottles with you to your first appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

Patient Expectations-Psychiatric Services


Symptom Checklist