Outpatient Equine Therapy

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Outpatient Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy or Equine-Assisted Therapy is an experiential therapy that involves the interactions between patients and horses. These interactions involve activities such as grooming, feeding, haltering, or leading a horse. Because horses exhibit many similar social behaviors to humans and are also non-judgmental and have no preconceived expectations or motives patients can create strong connections with them. Horses are highly effective at mirroring the attitudes and behaviors of the humans with whom they are working. This can be very beneficial in creating insight into the patient or providing the therapist with information regarding the patient. Equine Therapy can therefore promote emotional growth.

Equine therapy is managed under the supervision of one of our mental health professionals, often with the support of a horse professional. Both during the activity and after the activity the therapist can observe and interact with the patient in order to identify behavior patterns, teach lessons based on the experiences during the session, and help the patient process thoughts and emotions.

The ultimate goal of Equine Therapy is to help the patient develop positive new social skills and behaviors such as accountability, responsibility, self-confidence, trust, problem-solving skills, and self-control.

Equine Therapy