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Sexual Identity Therapy Services

Gender identity is often described as an individual’s inner experience of his or her gender. For the vast majority of people, there is congruence between their sexual identity and their biological sex. It is important to understand that although attitudes and social norms have shifted significantly, a vast portion of society is still targeting gender and sexual minorities in hate crimes, homophobic jokes or statements, as well as discriminatory acts. Other forms of hate would include stigmatization, marginalization and hostility from social networks including families, colleagues, or religious communities. As a result of this marginalization, many LGBTQ individuals experience feelings of anxiety and depression which can lead to substance abuse.

Research has shown that there is a connection between oppression and psychological disorders. At Sherman Counseling, we believe that discrimination on the basis of sexual identity is always unacceptable. We remain vocal about this attitude and take full responsibility for our actions. We encourage others to explore their own biases and prejudices.

We make it our business to assist those who are struggling with issues relating to their sexual identity, and we encourage other organizations to do the same.

We continue to educate individuals and the community about matters pertaining to human diversity and sexual identity. We understand the level of courage and risk involved in coming out. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to live a life of friendship, love, and respect. Please support those who are struggling with this issue and assist them to get counseling.