Tamer Fawzy

Dr. Tamer Fawzy

PhD | Licensed Professional Counselor

Treatment Interests and Philosophy:

I believe that people’s concerns exist within the context of their overall life–not in an isolated vacuum of symptoms. I strive to follow an evidenced-based approach in conducting both therapy and assessments. My approach to therapy rests on the premise that personal values and goals are the best long-term drivers of our behaviors. I believe that feeling better is not always the same as getting better; that making meaningful, long-standing changes in one’s life often requires some sacrifice in discomfort. Working with clients, through their own efforts and persistence, I strive to help them bring about real changes that affect the whole of their lives. In this regard, I view ‘symptoms’ or ‘problematic behaviors’ as one piece of information that exists in the context of one’s history, relationships, values, and ambitions. I specialize in anxiety and trauma disorders. I also have a sub-specialty in pediatric disorders such as autism, ADHD, and behavioral disorders.